Welcome to Robologics

RoboLogics provides industrial vision systems that help our customers measure and improve the quality of their products.
Our unique technology enables us to minimize false positives and false negatives in quality control classifications. This translates into direct savings for our customers.
We minimize typical implementation times while we empower end-users to maximize their Quality Control systems.

Please contact us directly for more information on how we can help you measure and improve the quality of your products through our state of the art vision technology combined with advance database products.

In collaboration with a Lithuanian team, the company has also developed a unique system for physically impaired patients that enables them to control a robotic arm through gaze gestures. The technology was developed under the framework of a bi-national Eureka R&D project between Israel and Lithuania. The patent-pending technology enables an end-user to requests commands from a robotic arm and to move to a given location using gaze and other input mechanisms. Please contact us directly additional information.