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RoboLogics is a privately owned technology company providing vision-based solutions to a wide range of industries. Our unique vision technologies enables the auotmation of processes based on advance vision analysis.

Letter from our CEO

Welcome to the website of RoboLogics. I thank you for taking the time to visit and learn more about our company.

Here at RoboLogics we firmly believe that companies in the new global economy have no choice but to automate their process to maximum levels. Competitive advantages are then achieved not by the cost of unqualified labor but by the know-how and automation practices that each company develops and successfully implements.

If we take for example countries such as USA and Israel, we can see how industries in these countries face difficulties keeping the production value of their own inventions within their country's borders. While both countries excel in innovation, they lack the competitiveness advantages required to manufacture many of their products even for local consumption. High wages compared to countries like China and India, and low automation levels compared to countries like Japan, German and Korea are some of the key disadvantages that local manufacturers face when trying to compete with their global counterparts. We were surprised to find out in one of our recent studies how similar the density of robots is between the US and Israel.

We believe that the investment required to get local manufacturers in a country such as Israel to levels of automation similar to the ones of Japan is not more than US$500M. The investment required in the US is approximately US$10B.

These are small numbers if we consider the benefits that it can bring to those businesses and to their countries in the short and long term.

Automation solutions should however be adapted to the local realities through new enabling technologies like the ones we have developed and will keep developing.

We remain committed to the success of our customers and envision a day when every worker will have one or more systems at his disposal enabling him to elevate his productivity to levels not seen before.

Don't hesitate in contacting us if we can be of any help to your company.


Our vision: One vision-based system for Every Human (OREH)

Whether at work or at home, a personal vision-based assistant will help individuals interact with the physical world and reduce their involvement in all sort of physical activities that today consume an important part of their time. There will be much more time available for thinking and creating, which will translate into benefits of unprecedented proportions for their companies and societies. It will open the way to a new economy where robots interact with humans and with other robots in order to constantly improve their performance and added value in the tasks that they are required to assume.


To maximize the individual's intellectual and physical potential by putting at his disposal smart vision-based solutions that will automate tasks in an easy and intuitive way. To significantly improve our clients' global competitiveness by empowering them with with our new generation of vision-based smart technologies.


At RoboLogics we believe that each member of our team and each and every customer have something to contribute to our mission. We make emphasis in listening and taking into account every opinion, every idea. We encourage ourselves to think, to discuss, and beyond all, to perform. We believe in deeds. We understand the difficulties of putting ideas into action, and therefore we make special emphasis in working towards achievement by using all the tools and abilities at our disposal. We understand the benefits of combining innovation and entrepreneurship with project management practices and discipline. We believe in the power resulting from combining experienced professionals with young, enthusiastic and passionate individuals. We value in-house entrepreneurship. We value integrity. Ideas are constructively criticized and passionately discussed, but not so the individuals that present them. We believe in developing our potential and that of our customers through technology and innovation. We strive for quality and believe anything can be improved. We value continual self-improvement, and mutual respect.

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